Immigration for Asian Brides: Surprises and Pitfalls

This information focuses on the laws of Canada:

Does Marriage Guarantee Citizenship?:
If an Asian woman who is a citizen of China, Japan, Korea, The Philippines, (or any foreign country for that matter) marries a Canadian man, does she automatically become a Canadian? The answer is no. It is not that easy. In Canada for example, the Asian bride will have to to apply for citizenship just like anyone else. This is a major omission of most of the dating and matchmaking sites that set themselves up like catalogs: just pick an attractive looking profile, pay your money and your bride will be on her way... Nothing could be further than the truth. Sponsorship: In Canada, foreign brides usually apply to become a citizen under a process called sponsorship. What this means is that a new Canadian husband of an Asian bride must sign an agreement stating that he will be financially responsible for her. He must prove that he has the earning capacity (or savings) to provide food, shelter and clothing so that new foreign brides do not become a burden on the welfare system. This sponsorship process lasts a period of three years: it is only after this period of time that the foreign bride may be granted citizenship (and only if she has met all of the other requirements to become a citizen). As you can see, getting married to a North American can be a faster method of obtaining citizenship than applying under immigration categories, but it is by no means an automatic or even guaranteed method of becoming a Canadian. To state the obvious: marriage between a Canadian or U.S. man and an Asian woman planning to move to North America should only be undertaken for creating an honest, life-long emotional bond and partnership, and not as an expediant means of starting a new life in the West.

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